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Meet the Healing Spaces Team: Braden Tobin-Guiding You on the Path to Healing and Empowerment

At Healing Spaces Psychological Services LLC, we take pride in our team of dedicated therapists. As we highlight our therapists, they were asked to answer a series of questions to tell you a little bit about who they are as a person.

Today, you will get a glimpse into Braden Tobin- their world, journey into mental health counseling, therapeutic approach, and vision for the future!

What Inspired My Career in Mental Health Counseling

While studying anthropology in undergrad, I studied systemic issues that were impacting folks on a community and individual level. After graduating, I decided to take my learning to a more personal level and volunteered full-time at a shelter for women and children. Through this and other endeavors, I noticed a universal experience: if folks’ emotional and social needs weren’t being met, regardless of background and socioeconomic status, they failed to thrive and to live healthy, vibrant lives. Through the relationships I fostered with residents and clients over the years, I have become passionate about helping to meet these needs through the connections that become possible in the counseling room.

What I Bring to the Table

My journey in the mental health field spans over a decade. I've worked closely with individuals who are unhoused and facing mental health challenges, as well as those living with HIV. I've had the privilege of supporting individuals during their most vulnerable moments, helping them rise above their difficulties. My diverse experience equips me to be a strong advocate for your healing journey.

How I Approach Therapy

In our therapy sessions, the cornerstone of my approach is the strong and trusting relationship I aim to build with you. I believe that therapy reflects the challenges and victories we encounter in the outside world. I'll encourage you to foster connections in your daily life and draw from a toolbox of therapeutic techniques. This toolbox includes cognitive behavioral therapy, relational-cultural therapy, mindfulness, and narrative therapy, among others. It's about tailoring the approach to meet your unique needs.

A Special Passion for Specific Populations

All therapy is multicultural therapy. There will always be identities that we don’t have in common. That being said, I prioritize creating a space where we’re able to discuss our differences and use them as a catalyst for understanding one another and the issues that my clients face. I am passionate about reminding folks that they are NOT the problem – we live in a society that fails to see and lift up too many of us. I also recognize the importance of having a therapist who understands on a deep level the adversity that their clients face. I am proudly queer and love to work with clients who are LGBTQIA+.

Why I Chose Healing Spaces

I’m stoked to work with clients who are seeking out a safe space to tap into their autonomy and move toward healing and thriving in their lives!

My Personal Interests and Self-Care Plans

If I'm not working, studying, or counseling, I’m probably playing tennis with my husband, petting my dog, Oso, or hanging out with my f(r)amily at Tower Grove Park. I also love traveling and decorating my space. Regarding finding balance and self-care in life...Did someone say therapy? I try to have my own therapist for maintenance. I also practice mindfulness, take long walks, connect with friends, listen to music, and TURN OFF MY PHONE.

What You Can Expect When Working with Me

Clients can expect me to meet them where they’re at. I have a calm, yet engaging presence and I am genuinely interested in my clients’ internal worlds, as well as the ways that they show up in the world.

Why I Do This Work

My goal is to help you navigate the world more effectively, combat feelings of isolation, and become an active, engaged participant in your own life. If you're tired of feeling marginalized by systems of oppression and are seeking empowerment and connection, I'm here to support you.

My Ideal Client

My ideal client is ready to form a partnership where we do the work. They want to more easily navigate the world around them. They’re tired of feeling gaslit by the systems of oppression that bring them down and constantly tell them that there’s something wrong with them. My client

wants to combat isolation, get reconnected, and feel more like an active, engaged participant in

their own life.

My Advice for Clients

Therapy can be challenging, but transformation is almost never easy. Be patient; be authentic; embrace the process; and give yourself grace.

A Fun Fact About Me

I studied in Thailand and traveled throughout Southeast Asia. I have also backpacked through much of Mexico and Central America!

Ready to Start Your Journey?

If you're ready to embark on a journey of healing and empowerment, I'm here for you. The transformation might not always be easy, but I'll be here to guide you with patience, authenticity, and grace. Your journey to healing and growth starts right here with me, Braden. Schedule an appointment now!


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