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Black woman

Therapy for Black Women

Therapy can be an incredibly helpful tool for Black women, like you, to address and process personal and systemic issues you may be facing. At Healing Spaces, you will find a safe space to be authentically you. 

Why therapy?

Black women are conditioned from a young age to be strong, powerful, and resilient. Unfortunately, this pressure to be strong can also be a burden, as it can lead to feelings of isolation, stress, and burnout. It is important to recognize that it is also okay to ask for help and support when you need it. Seeking therapy, connecting with the community, and setting boundaries can all be important tools for Black women who are feeling overwhelmed or struggling with their mental health.


What are you looking for in a therapist?
It is important to find a therapist who is familiar with the unique challenges that Black women face in society and has experience working with clients who share similar experiences; a therapist who understands these issues can help you explore your feelings and develop new coping strategies that prioritize mental health and well-being. Seek out a therapist who aligns with your values and who might even share similar values to your own.

What should I expect from therapy?

Therapy is not always easy, and it requires you to be vulnerable. It is important to find a therapist who makes you feel safe and supported. You will have a space to talk how you want, show up how you want (show up in your bonnet, we don't care!), and finally have the space to let go of all the pressures and burdens you are holding and focus on yourself. 

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