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Relationship & Couples Therapy

Relationships take work to be successful. If you and your partner are seeking help to improve your relationship (or even want to explore whether the relationship is still working for everyone), then you are in the right place!

What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy, also known as marriage counseling or partner therapy, is a form of therapy designed to help couples improve their relationships and resolve conflicts. In couples therapy, a trained therapist works with you to identify and address the issues that are causing problems in the relationship.

The focus of couples therapy may vary depending on the specific needs of the couple, but common topics include:

  • Communication: You can learn how to communicate more effectively and express your feelings and needs in a healthy way.

  • Conflict resolution: You can learn strategies for resolving conflicts and negotiating disagreements in a constructive manner.

  • Intimacy and connection: You can explore ways to deepen your emotional and physical connection with each other.

  • Trust and forgiveness: You can work on rebuilding trust and repairing damage caused by infidelity or other betrayals.

Couples therapy can be a highly effective way to improve a relationship, but it requires commitment and effort from both partners. It may involve regular (e.g., weekly) sessions over a period of several months or longer, depending on your needs. 

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How do you know therapy is right for you?

If you and your partner want to improve your relationship (or even want to explore whether the relationship is still working for everyone), then you have come to the right place!

You might be here because you are tired of arguing with and yelling at your partner... or you realize the silent treatment isn't working. Maybe you are hoping to rekindle the love you had when you first started dating. Maybe you just need help figuring out what is next.

We can help you by giving you the tools, or tune-up, you need to strengthen the bond you have with your love.

Improving Connection & Communication

If you're reading this, you might be wondering how couples therapy can help you and your partner build a stronger emotional connection while improving your communication and conflict-resolution skills. Let me break it down for you: couples therapy is a journey of growth and transformation that can bring significant positive changes to your relationship.

In couples therapy, we create a safe and nurturing space for both of you to open up and express yourselves honestly. Over time, relationships can accumulate emotional barriers due to past hurts or unresolved issues. With the guidance of a skilled therapist, we can work through these barriers together, ultimately helping you reconnect on a deeper and more meaningful level.

One of the key benefits of couples therapy is that it helps you and your partner to become more emotionally vulnerable and empathetic toward each other. We will explore techniques that encourage active listening, validate each other's feelings, and express your emotions without fear of judgment. These tools foster mutual understanding, strengthening the emotional bond between you both. We will also focus on improving your communication skills. Many relationship conflicts arise from miscommunication or ineffective communication patterns. Through therapy, you will learn how to communicate more clearly and assertively, which will reduce misunderstandings and prevent conflicts from spiraling out of control.

In addition to enhancing your communication, we will work on improving how you resolve conflicts. Conflict is a natural part of any relationship, but it's how you handle it that truly matters. We will identify any unhealthy conflict patterns you might have, such as avoidance or aggression, and replace them with healthier alternatives. 


By addressing the core issues and developing these essential skills, you'll be building a stronger foundation for a healthier and more fulfilling relationship. Together, we'll embark on this journey towards deeper emotional connection and effective communication, helping you both thrive as a couple.

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Navigating Separation and Co-Parenting with Compassion

If you're reading this, you may be in a situation where your relationship has come to an end, or you're considering separation. I want you to know that couples therapy can be a valuable resource to help you navigate this challenging journey with understanding and compassion.

First and foremost, couples therapy can provide a safe and neutral space for both you and your partner to openly discuss the decision to separate; therapy can help you navigate the complex feelings and decisions that come with separation. Therapists can guide you toward mutual understanding, reducing the risk of bitterness or resentment.

In addition, couples therapy can equip you with valuable communication and conflict-resolution skills that can remain relevant if you all have any future communication, such as with co-parenting.  relevant in your co-parenting journey. Learning to communicate effectively and resolve disputes peacefully is invaluable when navigating the challenges that may arise while co-parenting. Couples therapy can serve as a bridge between the end of a romantic relationship and the beginning of a cooperative co-parenting partnership. It provides the tools and support necessary for both you and your partner to part ways with respect, work together for the benefit of your children, and ultimately move forward in separate but healthier directions.

What to expect in therapy:

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A nonjudgmental place to heal:  You can expect to be treated with compassion. Healing Spaces is LGBTQ+ and affirming and welcoming to all. It is important that you feel safe to open up to Nicole and your partner, in order to bring about the changes and healing you are seeking.


​Tailored treatment for you!

While many of the difficulties couples experience are not unique (e.g., communication), your treatment will be tailored to the goals you set as a couple. 


Thorough assessment:

You can also expect an assessment (yes, paperwork), prior to beginning and during the intake session. This will help your therapist learn more about you to tailor treatment specifically for you and your partner; these goals will be created with you.. for you!

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