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Parent Training & Support

Children don’t come with a manual, and, instead, you are Googling advice and reaching out to friends about how to manage temper outbursts, kids telling you “no” left and right, or ignoring your every request. While those supports can be helpful, you are here because you need more.

Why do you want parent training?

Parent training is a form of therapy that is designed to help parents, like you, develop the skills and strategies they need to raise their children in a healthy and positive way. 

During sessions, you can learn a variety of strategies to help improve your parenting:

  • Positive reinforcement: You can learn how to use positive reinforcement to strengthen the parent-child relationship.

  • Communication: You can learn how to communicate effectively with your children, learning skills such as active listening and setting clear boundaries and expectations.

  • Boundary setting: You can learn how to set boundaries with your child in a firm but fair manner.

  • Problem-solving: Sometimes you just need assistance to identify and solve common parenting challenges, such as managing tantrums, dealing with sibling conflicts, and setting limits on screen time.

  • Stress management: You can learn how to manage your own stress and emotions in order to stay calm and focused when dealing with your children.

Parent training can be helpful for parents of children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. It can also be beneficial for parents who are struggling with specific issues, such as a child with a behavioral disorder or a child with special needs. The length and frequency of parent training sessions will vary depending on the specific needs of you and your children.

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Seeking parent training does not mean you're a bad parent.

Parenting is challenging, and we don't know any parent who does not struggle with some aspect of raising their child. Parent training can provide you with the skills and strategies you need to become more effective and confident in your role as a parent.

When you learn how to communicate effectively with your children and respond to their needs in a positive and nurturing way, children are more likely to feel loved and supported. This can lead to improved behavior and a stronger bond between parents and their children.

Parent training can also be helpful to parents who are dealing with specific difficulties. This can help provide you with specialized knowledge and strategies for addressing any unique challenges.

We offer this support and guidance to parents who are looking to build stronger, healthier relationships with their children. We believe that effective parenting involves learning new skills, and will work closely with you to strategies that work for your unique family dynamic.

Together we can help you make your home a space of peace, healing, love, and respect. ​If you are ready to learn how to be the best parent you can be for your child, please contact us today.

Our therapists are trained to:

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Help support your emotional needs while navigating challenging behavior. We know how hard it can be to manage emotional and behavioral outbursts.​


Help you and your family have a healthier & more positive relationship. You want to enjoy being around each other and have more fun experiences!​


Teach you about and how to give consistent praise and consequences, and how to give instructions that work… without you having to repeat yourself OVER and OVER again.

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