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Meet the Healing Spaces Team: Jazmine Verner - Your Compassionate Guide to Self-Discovery

Today, we're excited to introduce Jazmine, a dedicated mental health counselor passionate about guiding individuals on their journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Born and raised in St. Louis, with roots in Florissant and O'Fallon, Jazmine's path has been influenced by her diverse experiences and unwavering commitment to community healing.

Inspired by Community and Compassion

Growing up, I was often told that I was a good listener and easy to talk to. These words stuck with me and eventually led me to pursue a career in counseling. Witnessing the needs of my community during the Ferguson protests solidified my commitment to mental health advocacy and social justice. I knew then that I wanted to be a part of the healing process.

Guiding Principles in Counseling

In our sessions, I blend various therapeutic approaches, including narrative therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MCBT), and existentialism. My goal is to create a safe and welcoming space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and identities without judgment.

Passionate About Your Growth

I have a special passion for working with young adults aged 15-25, guiding them through life transitions, exploring their identities, and finding their voices. Whether you're struggling with anxiety, perfectionism, or navigating relationships, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Excited for Our Journey Together

Joining Healing Spaces is a dream come true for me. I'm thrilled to be part of a team that values inclusivity and celebrates the unique experiences of Black therapists. Together, we can create meaningful change in our community and beyond.

Beyond Counseling

When I'm not in the counseling room, you can find me exploring the great outdoors, traveling, practicing tarot, or spending time with my loved ones. My hobbies bring me joy and rejuvenate my spirit, allowing me to show up fully for our sessions.

Creating a Safe Haven for Your Growth

In our time together, you can expect a relaxed and authentic experience. I want you to feel safe, seen, and respected as we navigate this journey of self-discovery together. Remember, you are not alone—I'm here to walk alongside you every step of the way.

Taking the First Step

If you're feeling hesitant about starting therapy, know that it's okay to feel that way. Therapy is a brave and courageous step towards self-empowerment and healing. I'm here to support you, encourage you, and help you unlock your full potential.


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