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New Year...New Nothing. Here's to NO 2022 Resolutions.

Oftentimes people approach the new year saying, "New Year, new me." As the 31st approaches, individuals sit down and think about their individual or collective goals for the next year. Many of these resolutions focus on physical, mental, financial, and relational goals. And while there is nothing wrong with setting resolutions or creating a vision for yourself, your business, your family, etc. in 2022... I am here to say that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO.

2021 has taken so much from us. We have grieved, cried, yelled, and just felt all around low at times. And frankly, this holiday season has not felt very festive. So, if you needed someone to validate your need to rest, relax, and go into 2022 with no goals, no resolutions, and no plans, then here it is: You do not need to set goals for 2022. You do not need to make a list of resolutions to accomplish in 2022.

If your only goal for 2022 is to rest, then that is okay. If you do not have any goals for 2022, but to survive and take it day by day, then that is okay. Please do not feel pressured to go into the new year planning and stressing.

I, myself, will be spending the next few days resting, meditating, and sleeping. I will take each day one day at a time, and I am content with figuring it out as I go along.

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