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You are here because you 
need help, healing, and

Welcome to Healing Spaces Psychological Services,
a Black-owned group psychology practice made up of caring, compassionate, and trauma-informed providers eager to help you meet your goals. We provide comprehensive, quality, and inclusive psychological assessment, therapy, and training to members of the St. Louis community, particularly to those in minoritized populations.

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Let us help you unburden yourself.
Welcome to your healing.

You are deserving of rest & freedom.

Yes, you. You might not feel like you deserve it, but you do. 

You are here because you are tired of being the strong one and pretending like everything is okay (we know it's not). You found us because you are done putting yourself and your goals last. You are ready to confront your painful past and find hope in your future. You recognize that it's time to have peace and healing in yourself and your relationships.

You want to feel confident, balancedand free. 

Free to be you unapologetically.

Our team is here to support you in your journey to healing. We provide a non-judgmental space to help you sort out the chaos of life, build positive relationships, reconnect to your inner self, live a more purposeful life, and face challenges with newfound strength.

Our inclusive & trauma-informed clinicians provide the following:

Evaluation and Assessment

Individual and Trauma Therapy
for Children & Adults

Therapy for Black Women and People of Color 

Couples and Partner Therapy

Caregiver Training & Support 

Meet the Healing Spaces Team.

Providing Psychological Assessment, Therapy, Consultation, and Supervision. 
Serving Clayton, St. Louis, and the surrounding communities. 

Dr. Kezia Jackson, Healing Spaces Owner

Dr. Kezia Jackson

CEO & Psychologist

Nicole Murdock, Healing Spaces Therapist

Nicole Murdock

Staff Therapist

Healing Spaces-3.jpg

Tiffany Pargo

Staff Therapist

Ashley Wilmsmeier, Healing Spaces Therapist

Ashley Wilmsmeier

Staff Therapist

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