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healing hi-lɪŋ \  adjective

1: the process of becoming sound and balanced;

restoration of health; to make whole again

Invest in your mental health.

We provide comprehensive, quality, and inclusive psychological services to members of the St. Louis community, particularly those from vulnerable and marginalized communities.

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Dr. Kezia Jackson
Saint Louis therapist
Nicole Murdock, LPC
Havva Yoruk, LCSW
Ravae Duhaney, MS
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Healing Spaces Psychological Services LLC is a Black-owned  private psychology practice, made up of caring, compassionate, and trauma-informed clinicians who are eager to help you meet your goals

At Healing Spaces we strive to support and uplift clients in their journey to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing by creating a safe, therapeutic, healing space.

At the helm of Healing Spaces is the owner and founder Dr. Kezia Jackson. Dr. Jackson is a clinical psychologist, who specializes in providing psychological assessment and evaluation. 

We are excited to begin this journey of healing with you.