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Welcome to Healing Spaces Psychological Services,
a Black-owned group psychology practice made up of caring, compassionate, and trauma-informed clinicians eager to help you meet your goals. We provide comprehensive, quality, and inclusive psychological services to members of the St. Louis community, particularly those from minoritized populations.

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Welcome! We are so happy you are here!

Kezia Jackson, Psy.D.,
Owner and Clinical Psychologist

We see YOU!

You, who are tired of being the strong one. You are tired of doing it all. You are ready to stop putting yourself and your goals on the back burner. You are ready for the rest, freedom, & happiness you deserve. 

You, who are seeking an accurate diagnosis and understanding of your mental and emotional health. You want to know what is going on and how to get help. 

You, with the strained relationships and poor boundaries. You are tired of fighting... fighting with your partner, your boss, or trying to manage your child's temper outbursts. You need new tools to communicate more effectively and to get along better with others. 

You, who are overwhelmed with reminders of a painful past and are struggling to quiet your negative and anxious thoughts. 

If this sounds like you (or your child), let us help you unburden yourself!

Our inclusive & trauma-informed clinicians provide the following:

Evaluation and Assessment

Individual and Trauma Therapy
for clients 6+

Couples and Partner Therapy

Caregiver Training & Support 

Therapy with Black Women and People of Color 

Meet the Healing Spaces Team.

Providing Psychological Assessment, Therapy, Consultation, and Supervision. 
Serving Clayton, St. Louis, and the surrounding communities. 

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