Meet Tiffany Pargo, LPC (she/her)

Staff Therapist

I am passionate about helping people, like you, to identify, normalize, and work through their feelings so you can be happier, healthier, and have better relationships (or whatever your goals are for therapy)!

I am looking forward to partnering with you on your path to emotional healing and wellness!

Services offered: individual therapy

MO License #2008012294


Individual Adult Therapy

If you are looking for a clinician who can help you by providing short-term, solution-focused therapy services, then you are in the right place. Using acceptance-based and cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques, I love to teach clients, like you, tools for how to improve their lives, help you overcome personal challenges and barriers, support you in making decisions, and see you take your power back in your life!

My style is often direct and honest. I am not going to sugarcoat what I think, though I am empathetic and understanding. I am going to keep it real with you, and I expect you to keep it real with me. I am easy to talk to, and most people open up when they meet me. However, if you do not feel like our styles match, then I will happily help you find the type of support that you need. 

I have been a licensed counselor for over fourteen years, having worked in residential, outpatient, and school-based settings. I have a background in multicultural counseling, and I also have experience working with military families and veterans. 

Arm Around Shoulder
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Child Therapy and Teen Therapy

When working with children and teenagers (ages 8 and up), I like to help them understand how their actions now will support, or harm, them in the long run. I have experience working with both internalizing and externalizing kids, which means I have experience recognizing and helping children process when their feelings are directed inward (e.g., anxiety) and outward (e.g., aggression).


I also enjoy supporting parents and caregivers in navigating their child’s emotions and behaviors.

If you are ready to feel better and overcome what life has thrown your way, then give us a call at 314-472-3091 or click below to schedule! A FREE 15-minute consultation is available!