Psychological Assessment and Therapy Services for the Greater St. Louis community

Offering in-person and online services for St. Louis and all of Missouri

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A psychological evaluation may assess:

Academic Achievement 

Attention & Concentration

Behavior and Emotions

Executive Functioning


Memory and Learning

Personality and Emerging Personality

Social skills and Functioning



Therapy is a well-researched process that uses talking and action to facilitate growth, healing, and relief from distress.


Together, you and your therapist will identify goals for treatment and work towards a plan to achieve those goals. 

Presenting problems often include stress and anxiety, depression, and trauma. 

Our trained clinicians often support parents and caregivers to learn new ways to strengthen their relationship with their child(ren), give effective directions and consequences,  and help their child regulate their emotions.

Support often involves working with parent(s) to learn the skills needed to improve their home life. 


Relationships take work! Couples therapy can help partners to communicate better and easier, make sure intimacy needs are being met, navigate new life stages and transitions, and so much more!



Supervision is a crucial step in the licensure process. Healing Spaces often supervises students on their internship placement. PLPC supervision may also be available. 


Please contact us if you are looking to consult regarding a mental health topic or case, or if you are requesting our agency's participation in an event, lecture, or other professional services.