Gregory Tissi, B.A.

Psychology interns or practicum students provide therapeutic services to clients under the supervision of a licensed provider (e.g., licensed psychologist, licensed professional counselor). These students are generally in the process of completing their Master's or Doctorate Degree, and are in need of supervised clinical experiences to fulfill licensing requirements. For clients, this means that you will be working with a supervisee, and your case will be supervised by a staff therapist. Ultimately, you have an extra set of eyes reviewing  your clinical work, to ensure that you are receiving the most relevant and up-to-date care.

While clients may or may not be seeking support related to gender, sexuality, open relationships, BDSM, body-size, disability invisibility, chronic pain, experience of oppression, or neurodiversity they will not have to waste time educating me about these realities or convincing me of their validity. Not only using a Person-Centered and Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT) approach, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) offers sustaining narrative-shift support for clients. I work collaboratively with clients to emphasize self-acceptance, improve relationships, develop effective coping strategies, shift negative patterns, and to take action with small steps.


Upon receiving my BA in Psychology from University of Missouri, Columbia, I worked for 5 years at Second Nature Wilderness Therapy Program in Utah serving adolescents and their families using the metaphor of our natural world. Returning to Columbia, Missouri I was employed at Daybreak, a long-term co-occurring adult care facility, working with groups less served. I headed back out west to Salt Lake City, Utah again and was employed with Gateway Academy, a therapeutic boarding school serving adolescent boys specializing in autism spectrum disorder, for three years

Supervised by Dr. Kezia Jackson



FEES: $0 for initial intake

$35for 45-minute session