Welcome to your Healing!

Life is more than challenging right now. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and down. You are not sure how to feel better and know that you are living a fulfilled life. You are here because you are looking for a safe space where you can be yourself, without judgment. We know it is hard to ask for help, so you are looking for the right fit to tackle all of life's difficulties. 

Whatever your needs may be, our clinicians are here to offer you support and to create safe spaces for your healing. All of our therapists are genuine, inclusive, competent, and trauma-informed.


Therapy is a collaborative process. While we have the tools and professional knowledge to help you heal, you are the expert on YOU. Together, we can set individualized treatment goals for your specific needs and desires and help you live the life of your dreams. 

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 for Children and Adults in St. Louis

Therapy for St. Louis, all of Missouri, Illinois, and beyond

Meet the Healing Spaces Team.

Dr. Kezia Jackson, Black psychologist

Dr. Kezia Jackson (she/her)

Available for online therapy in Missouri, Illinois, and other PsyPact states for ages 6 & up.

Specialties: Anxiety, Trauma & Disruptive Behavior

Nicole Murdock, Black Therapist

Nicole Murdock, LPC (she/her)

Available in-person and for online therapy in Missouri for ages 12 & up.

Specialties: Relationships, Parenting, & Depression

Tiffany Pargo, Black therapist

Tiffany Pargo, LPC (she/her)

Available for online therapy in Missouri for ages 6 & up.

Specialties: Therapy with Children & Teens, Short-Term Therapy, Anxiety, & Stress

"Can I speak to someone first to make sure we are a good fit?"

ABSOLUTELY! It is important that you find a therapist that works well with YOU!


Our clinicians are available to answer the questions you have and to provide more information about their approach and style.


"Do you take insurance?

We do not. This allows each therapist to maintain smaller caseloads so we can provide YOU with focused, individual, and up-to-date, evidence-based treatment. f you want to seek OON from your insurance provider, we can provide you with a superbill.  

"How much is a session?"

A 45-minute session with Nicole and Tiffany is $120 and is $175 with Dr. Kezia. 


Occasionally, we also have supervised clinicians who can provide free or reduced-rate services. If you are interested in working with a supervised clinician. Contact us for more information.