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Existing Clients

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You can access the secure client portal by clicking here


For Your Info

A completed release of information form (ROI) is required should your clinician to share information with anyone else (e.g., schools, other healthcare providers). Please see the below instructions to help with completing this form:

  • Insert client’s first and last name

  • Insert client’s date of birth

  • Indicate if you want the clinician to send to and/or receive information from the desired organization

  • Indicate what information can be shared and to whom

  • Provide organization’s name and contact information

  • Indicate your relationship to the client (e.g., self, legal guardian)

  • Indicate the purpose of the release of information

  • Click the box and sign the form to indicate you are agree to the release of information

portal resources

The following guides may also be helpful in navigating the client portal:


All of your documents will be completed and submitted virtually through the portal.