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Couples Therapy in St. Louis

Inclusive Therapy for Couples and Partners

Relationships Take Work to be Sucessful

If you and your partner are seeking help to improve your relationship (or even want to explore whether the relationship is still working for everyone), then you have come to the right place!

You might be here because you are tired of arguing with and yelling at your partner... or you realize the silent treatment isn't working. Maybe you are hoping to rekindle the love you had when you first started dating. Maybe you just need help figuring out what is next.


This type of therapy can be helpful for partners who need help navigating new life stages, communicating better, and/or making sure intimacy needs are met. We can help you by giving you the tools, or tune-up, you need to strengthen the bond you have with your love.


Are you ready to make a worthwhile investment in your relationship?  Each couples therapy session is $140, and fees are due at the time of service.


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What to Expect from Couples Therapy

1. A compassionate counselor:  Nicole Murdock, LPC is truly passionate about helping couples, like you, achieve their goals! She has an extensive background in working with couples and families.


Nicole helps partners to improve communication, increase intimacy, manage conflict effectively, and work towards a healthy and positive relationship! 

2. A nonjudgmental place to heal:  At Healing Spaces, you and your partner will be treated with compassion, acceptance, and kindness.


We are LGBTQ+ friendly and affirming and are welcoming of all. It is important that you feel safe to open up to your therapist and, importantly, your partner, in order to bring about the changes and healing you are seeking.

3. Tailored treatment for you! While many of the difficulties couples experience are not unique (e.g., communication), your treatment will be tailored to the goals you set as a couple. 


Expect a thorough assessment prior to beginning therapy (yes, paperwork), and during the intake session. This will help Nicole learn more about your needs so she can tailor treatment specifically to you and your partner. These goals will be created with you.. for you!